This course covers the crucial steps of domestic infant adoption, including the home study, locating expectant parents, validating the social medical history form, as well as preparing the hospital plan and post-adoption steps. We cover the total costs, timelines as well as crucial factors post-adoption.

What you'll learn

In this course we cover the costs for domestic infant adoption, as well as the timelines, crucial steps and major decisions to be weighed. We also focus on post-adoption aspects namely levels of openness with birth parents, coping with microaggressions and how this process can look for single and LGBTQ adoptive parents. Finally, we take a high-level look at the process of intercountry adoption.

Course Syllabus7 Lessons1h 42m

  1. In this lesson we'll cover:
    1. Basic Summary
  2. Lesson 4 (17 min)
    Openness and Adoption

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