Assessment Guidelines

Please keep these guidelines in mind to make your review the most helpful to others. Not adhering to these guidelines may result in our inability to publish your review.

1. Include Details: Support your claims with details about your experience.
Less helpful: "The Billing department was awful"
Most helpful: "The billing department didn’t call us back after several attempts, and charges were added that we had not agreed on."

2. No Hearsay: Stick to your own experiences and avoid other people’s stories like:
“My entire support group had a terrible experience with this doctor, too.”

3. Be Respectful: Negative feedback is crucial to include, but we don’t post reviews that include:
- bullying
- Profanity
- Harassment
- Legal threats or legal actions
Unpostable: “My IVF nurse, Jane, was an idiot."
Postable: "My IVF nurse made multiple errors, ordered the wrong medication, and we had to cancel a cycle because of her mistakes."

4. Avoid medical claims or scientific facts:
Less helpful: “It’s been proven that XYZ drug NEVER works for patients with PCOS—this protocol goes against all studies.”
Most helpful: “I felt like this doctor chose a protocol that wasn’t appropriate for me given my PCOS diagnosis and the studies I have read on the subject.”

5. Make it easy to understand:
- Include new details in each section, and avoid copy-paste
- Avoid excessive capitalization
- Double check for unintended auto-corrects
- Use punctuation

Other reminders:
SART Percentages: Data and research is constantly changing. SART percentages or “best clinic” statuses will become outdated quickly. Avoid using.
Personal Provider Information: Avoid sharing personal provider information that may be considered confidential.
One Review per Couple: One review per couple per treatment experience is allowed. If you and your partner were both patients in separate cycles, for example undergoing reciprocal IVF, then both partners are welcome to submit reviews.
Personal Information: Avoid personally identifiable details in your review.

Questions about these guidelines? Contact us at and one of our team members would love to help you share your story in a way that makes this process more bearable for others.

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