Assessment Guidelines

This is your chance to have a voice and to share your experience with others. We realize that finding the right fertility doctor is an incredibly personal choice, and your story makes a difference.

As you begin to share, please keep these FertilityIQ Assessment Guidelines in mind, as not adhering to them may result in our inability to publish it (or we might ask for a resubmission).

  1. Provide useful, constructive feedback. Be specific and relevant to the doctor and clinic. Describe what others may find helpful to know, thinking past just the doctor itself. Highlight what made your time with them positive or negative.

    For example, instead of saying “The parking sucked and the doctor never knew what he was talking about.”, you may instead want to say “The parking was difficult to navigate as there wasn’t a clinic lot and street parking was tough to find. The doctor forgot to look at my chart prior to an ultrasound and it felt like he didn’t know the details of my case from the questions he was asking.”'

  2. Be insightful, specific, and use relevant information. We ask that you avoid speculations, hearsay from other patients/social media groups, and vague generalities. Also, please omit personal information you may have learned about a staff member that they may consider private or confidential. Stick with your own unique experience and skip sentiments that aren’t your own, like “...I’ve heard a lot of other patients feel this way too.”

    For example, rather than saying a doctor is “dedicated” it’s more helpful to provide an example, like “Doctor Smith was very dedicated to my care. She would personally call me whenever I had concerns, and even came in after hours to do an ultrasound when I was nervous about cramps following my positive pregnancy test.”

  3. Be respectful. Not every appointment, clinic, or doctor is going to be perfect and you may have negative feedback to share in your assessment. We know this is deeply personal and even if you are angry, please make sure your words and statements are constructive and free from any language that may be construed as bullying or harassment. Please do not target specific individuals in a vindictive or targeted manner.

    For example, instead of saying “THIS DOCTOR IS A HUGE JERK!!”, share constructive examples of why you felt that way, such as “I found the doctor's attitude to be highly offensive and upsetting. He told me that my eggs were the age of dinosaur eggs and mocked me when I started to cry.”

  4. Avoid using claims of medical or scientific facts. We ask that you stick strictly to sharing your own experience. Also, keep in mind data and research is constantly changing, so referring SART percentages or “best clinic” statuses will become outdated quickly.

    For example, instead of saying “It’s been proven that XYZ drug NEVER works for patients with PCOS - this protocol goes against all studies”, it would be more helpful to say “I felt like this doctor chose a protocol that didn’t work for me given my PCOS diagnosis.”

  5. Be mindful of what makes a review readable. People are reading your review to glean your wisdom from it. Keep them readable — avoid duplicating text and using excessive capitalization. Make sure to include punctuation when possible. We know smart phones can make things tricky at times - rereading your words may be helpful to ensure it says what you meant,, especially if Siri is used. Use good grammar, check your spelling, and avoid profanity or hate speech.

    For example, instead of repeating the same text in every box and swearing, try to differentiate your thoughts in each text box when prompted - for example separate your thoughts on your doctor, nurses, and clinic itself. Instead of a general irritated complaint, give useful feedback, like “The billing department was so challenging to deal with. We got multiple bills for the same procedure and found it difficult to get anyone on the phone to answer our questions.”

  6. If you're part of a couple, please only share one review per doctor per couple. While you and your partner may have had different experiences, we ask that only one of you submit an assessment.

If you ever have any questions on these guidelines, or would like additional clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us at One of our team members would love to help you share your story in a way that makes this process more bearable for others.

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