African American Fertility

Infertility rates are ~2x higher than other races

Yet doctors are slow to refer African American patients on to receive proper medical care

In 5 lesson we tackle every issue

We cover success rates by race, diagnosing and treating tubal factor and uterine fibriods, crucial lifestyle improvements, and how to optimize IVF for possibly better outcomes

African American Fertility
The Crucial Information African American Women & Couples Need

One hub for knowledge

Learnings from over 30 studies and insight from experts on female and male health, infertility, and broader cultural factors

Actionable Information

We cover how to find care, navigate cultural challenges, calibrate success rates, optimize treatment and improve lifestyle choices


Easy-to-follow videos with top experts to help you learn at your own pace, even if you only have a few minutes

Lesson Plan

In this lesson we cover high-level subjects (e.g. the basics of reproduction) and break down specific issues that pertain to African American patients namely, higher rates of infertility, inadequate referral patterns, variation in IVF success rates, tubal factor, fibroids, miscarriage, lifestyle factors and more