Success Rates For African American Patients

Intrauterine Insemination

Over the years, we’ve learned that fertility treatment success rates often vary by a patient’s race and ethnicity. The information below is to help African-American patients recalibrate and discount the data (based mostly on Caucasian patients) that their clinic will show them.

For patients who do intrauterine insemination, or IUI, the data suggests, on average, each cycle is likely to work 1 - 15% of the time. Most of the studies that have compared IUI success rates between African American and Caucasian women have found no meaningful difference.

As you can see here in our lesson on IUI success rates, rates of success vary by patient type and the fertility drugs taken but there’s limited evidence that African American patients do better or worse than Caucasian patients in this process.

In-Vitro Fertilization

Unfortunately, it appears African American IVF patients have lower success rates than Caucasian women. Most, but not all studies, back this up.
As a result, African American women and couples may need to recalibrate, or even discount, the general success rates their clinic advertises.

To illustrate the point, we’ll look at one study that includes about 300 African American patients treated at a single center. This study has strengths and weaknesses but it’s amongst the best available today. It’s also reasonably representative of what we see from similar studies.

“Success rates” can be measured in many ways and so we’ll focus on 3: pregancy rate, miscarriage rate, and live birth rate.

Pregnancy Rate:

What It is: This is the percentage of women who start an IVF cycle and get pregnant from that cycle. A “cycle” starts when a woman takes hormones and has her eggs retrieved.

Study Observations: 36% of Caucasian women and 24% of African American women conceived after one IVF cycle. After adjusting for a few factors, investigators determined American American women were half as likely to get pregnant from one round of IVF.

Miscarriage Rate:

What It Is: The percentage of IVF pregnancies that end in miscarriage.

Study Observations: 15% of Caucasian women and 29% of African American women miscarried if they conceived through IVF.

Live Birth Rate:

What It Is: The percentage of women who start an IVF cycle and successfully deliver a live baby from that cycle.

Study Observations: 31% of Caucasian women delivered a child after one cycle. For African American women, success rates were around half of what Caucasian women recorded.

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African American Fertility

In this lesson we cover high-level subjects (e.g. the basics of reproduction) and break down specific issues that pertain to African American patients namely, higher rates of infertility, inadequate referral patterns, variation in IVF success rates, tubal factor, fibroids, miscarriage, lifestyle factors and more