Careers with FertilityIQ

Full Stack Engineer

San Francisco, CA

FertilityIQ is looking to hire our first engineer to build products that directly bring new life into this world.

About Us

25 million Americans will struggle with infertility during their lifetime and rates of IVF treatment have grown 5x in the last 20 years. The average IVF patient is forced to spend a full year’s salary to be treated, and nearly 50% will enter a state of clinical depression during that time.

We are a source of data, community and strength to nearly 25% of all US IVF patients, who find us word-of-mouth. We currently provide reliable, thorough and actionable insight to patients on doctors, clinics, nurses, billing departments, costs, treatment protocols and more. This year, our second, we’ll embark on an ambitious roadmap.

We ourselves are a husband-and-wife team and have undergone treatment at multiple clinics, in multiple states. We’ve left our jobs (former Partner at Sequoia, and entrepreneur, respectively), to build a business that directly improves lives and grows families.

We take an unusual approach and this month we have been featured in the New York Times Sunday Business Section and Forbes. NPR, The LA Times, WSJ and other news sources rely upon our growing dataset for reporting.


You will be responsible for all technical components within the organization. We are looking for someone who can think strategically about our architecture and long-term direction, and who excels building products. During onboarding and times of increased workload, you will have access to developers at consulting shops like Carbon Five. Carbon Five worked alongside us to develop the product you see today.


We are looking for a full-stack engineering generalist who wants to use their creativity and intelligence to bring new life into this world. Our current stack is Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Elasticsearch, and a few other basic services. You should have experience with basic devops, data migration, API design, exposing data to 3rd party consumers and be comfortable debugging performance issues, both on the front end and back end, know about basic SEO and analytics. Moving forward, we’ll expand our work into video content, P2P messaging, and algorithmic work.


We are committed to building a business and products that help desperate patients for decades to come. We gather strength in knowing the better we do our jobs, the more life we help breath into this world.

We believe in output, not input, and think that the best work is done when one is fresh and has balance in their lives. You should be prepared to generally work 40 hours a week and for the thrill of knowing your energy, creativity and training forever improves lives and enhances families.

With interest, please reach out to