Embryo Transfer

40% of doctors don’t explain the risks

The health of mother and child, plus chances of success, depend on decisions you make at transfer. Doctors don’t cover it all.

We shed light on the crucial issues

Health and financial tradeoffs of single or multiple embryo transfer, avoiding doctors who are bad at transfer, natural vs. medicated transfers and more

Embryo Transfer
The last step in a cycle, but hardly the least important

One Hub For Knowledge

Learnings from 28 top studies and insight from experts on fertility, neonatology, obstetrics and more

Pro Tips & Checklists

Concrete action plans and frameworks to plan every major decision along the way, training you to ask the right questions

Video Tutorials

Easy-to-follow summaries and analysis to help you learn at your own pace

Course Syllabus

We cover the advantages and disadvantages to single-embryo transfer, from a medical and financial standpoint. We train you to ask your doctor the relevant questions to establish the best protocol leading up to your transfer, which steps are appropriate to take on the day of transfer and which members of the team are best equipped to execute the transfer.

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