Improving Your Live Birth Rate Per Transfer

Screening The Doctor Who Oversees Your Transfer

Not all embryo transfers are of the same difficulty and not all doctors are equally competent at performing them. A good cycle can be ruined by a bad transfer and so it’s important you understand who is doing your transfer.

First, as you can see below, some transfer cases are more difficult than others and the challenging cases result in lower pregnancy rates. While some patients (e.g. obese patients, those with previous C-sections) more often represent difficult transfers, it’s hard to be certain if you’ll be a hard case and so you want the best doctor available performing your transfer.

Unfortunately, most patients will not have their fertility doctor perform their transfer. We see this especially often in clinics that do over 300 cycles per year and in clinics with an academic affiliation.

As a result, there is a good chance a different doctor at your clinic will perform your transfer. Even within the same clinic, doctors have varied abilities. Below you’ll see how 11 different transferring doctors at RMA New Jersey perform. The best performer has a 16% absolute higher percentage Live Birth Rate (67% vs. 51%) than the worst performer. Roughly 90% of clinics report they regularly track this data and most tell us these discrepancies are commonplace.

Tactically Improving The Transfer

When the ASRM dug into this issue, they surfaced a set of facts that show best practices are slow to diffuse: 25% of recent fellows have never done a single transfer, the majority of fertility doctors will not ask for help with a transfer, and most clinics do not impose standard transfer protocols on their doctors, even those who fall below thresholds.

To improve standardization the ASRM issued guidelines for how transfers should be carried out. We suggest you ask your doctor early on in the process if they plan to comply with these standards and we recommend you re-familiarize yourself with these leading up to the transfer.

ASRM Transfer Checklist

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Embryo Transfer

We cover the advantages and disadvantages to single-embryo transfer, from a medical and financial standpoint. We train you to ask your doctor the relevant questions to establish the best protocol leading up to your transfer, which steps are appropriate to take on the day of transfer and which members of the team are best equipped to execute the transfer.