Introduction to Embryo Transfer & Course Plan

Course Objectives

The embryo transfer involves a number of crucial decisions that will impact your short-term chances for success, and longer-term well-being. As much as any facet of IVF, the embryo transfer requires advance planning and consideration. To that end, in this tutorial we’ll cover:

  • Deciding between single and multiple-embryo transfer:
    • Medical Considerations
    • Financial Considerations
    • Engaging your doctor & calibrating bias
  • Deciding between medicated and unmedicated transfers
  • Selecting which doctor to do your transfer
  • Other Transfer Considerations
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Embryo Transfer

We cover the advantages and disadvantages to single-embryo transfer, from a medical and financial standpoint. We train you to ask your doctor the relevant questions to establish the best protocol leading up to your transfer, which steps are appropriate to take on the day of transfer and which members of the team are best equipped to execute the transfer.