FertilityIQ As An Employee Benefit

FertilityIQ is now allowing companies to purchase our premium, evidence-based courses as an employer-paid benefit.

Most companies offer benefits like health, dental, and life insurance, but we also think it's critical employers consider offering fertility benefits and fertility + family building education. We're thrilled to say we are starting to see this happen.

Employers can now partner with FertilityIQ to put our resources into the hands of more people who need them - you, your partner, your loved one or friend, and, as an added bonus, it helps us continue to build the most trusted resource in fertility and family building.

We’d love to bring this benefit to your company (or your spouse/partner's), but it’s imperative your employer knows that this matters to you.

If you’re game to help, click the link below.

(It'll only take 1 minute, we promise!)

  1. Write a few brief sentences (or more!) that we can share with your employer about how FertilityIQ has been a help to you. (It can be anonymous if that’s your preference).

  2. Forward this webpage to a spouse or partner, friend, or colleague who may be willing to do the same!

Click here to start.

Curious what you'd receive (for free!) if your employer began offering FertilityIQ as a benefit?

Employee Benefit

P.S. If you are unfamiliar with FertilityIQ offerings & want to learn more, drop a quick line to support@fertilityiq.com. We're here to help!