Fertility for Military Families

We discuss the basics of reproduction, fertility treatment, and the specific issues that affect military families like prolonged separation, exposure to toxins, and the importance of mental health care.

Fertility for Military Families
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What you'll learn

In this course we cover the basics of conception, oral medications (e.g. clomiphene, letrozole), IUI and IVF. We then discuss specific challenges military families face in building their families and how to navigate the system to access care. We dive into important topics like exposure to toxins and the effect of taking testosterone, and we unpack the importance of mental health care while undergoing fertility treatments.

Course Syllabus3 Lessons1h 25m

  1. In this lesson we'll cover:
    1. Considerations for Military Families
  2. In this lesson we'll cover:
    1. Mental Health & the Military