Founder's Notes

ASPIRE Study on Pregnancy & COVID-19

This month, we are helping a team of clinics from across the U.S, led by UCSF, answer questions about how COVID-19 impacts pregnant women and their offspring.

Today there’s really no reliable data on the subject.

The ASPIRE study sets out to answer these critical questions & frankly, as a fertility patient, you may be in a crucial position to help+.

Who Can Help

  • You don’t need to have been tested for COVID-19
  • You have a pregnancy diagnosed at a US fertility clinic and are 4 to 10 weeks along
  • You’re 4 to 10 weeks along in a spontaneous pregnancy (missed period up to 6 weeks ago)

What Does Participating Entail

  • Complete questionnaires and symptom screening, finger prick blood tests at home
  • Submit information on the health and development of your baby through the first year and a half of life.

Options For Getting Started:

  • Begin the enrollment process here and / or
  • Read more about ASPIRE here

You can make a big difference here and help everyone trying to build a family during immense uncertainty.

If you qualify, we strongly think this is worth considering.

+A major question is whether pregnancy is impacted in the 1st trimester, a critical period of development. Often only fertility patients are closely monitored in that period.

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