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COVID Vaccines & Pregnancy: Columbia & FertilityIQ Interview 2


This video is the second in our series on COVID, Vaccinations & Fertility, in which we interview Dr. Dena Goffman, Chief of Obstetrics at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Here we cover:

  • Newsworthy developments around vaccine safety concerns, particularly for those who are pregnant or trying to concieve
  • Weighing the risk of vaccination vs natural infection
  • Choosing between Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca vaccines, if you have the option
  • Considerations for family planning globally, as variants become more wide-spread
  • Providing immune support for children through breastmilk
  • Misconceptions around the risk of vaccination to fertility and risk of miscarriage
  • Whether or not fertility treatment should be delayed if vaccinating

Update: See the next update in this series & previous interview here.

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