Family Building for the LGBTQ+ Community

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Popular paths for Lesbian Couples: IUI, IVF, and Reciprocal IVF
  • Where to start: Gestational Surrogacy for Gay Couples & Single Dads
  • What you need to know about choosing a sperm or egg donor
  • Fertility preservation for trans individuals - before or after hormone therapy
  • Navigating the healthcare system as a member of the LGBTQ+ community

Related Courses

Foster Parenting 101

In this course, we'll cover the steps to starting the foster parenting process, how to help children who've suffered emotional and physical trauma, how to navigate transracial challenges, what the process looks like for single and LGBTQ individuals, and the process of adopting through the foster care system.


This course covers the crucial steps of domestic infant adoption, including the home study, locating expectant parents, validating the social medical history form, as well as preparing the hospital plan and post-adoption steps. We cover the total costs, timelines as well as crucial factors post-adoption.

Paths to Parenthood For Single & Gay Dads: An Introduction

Introducing the major decisions a gay couple or single man may face in order to become fathers. Tips on finding a clinic, selecting an egg donor & gestational carrier (surrogate), pros and cons of twins, and costs involved. See an overview of adoption & foster care for gay and single dads.

Featuring experts from
Harvard, UCSF, +17 more
Fertility for Lesbian Women Becoming Moms

This is a course for those with a uterus who may identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer or otherwise partnered with someone of the same sex. We cover issues like selecting a sperm donor, doing an at-home insemination, or working with a fertility doctor for IUI, IVF, or using reciprocal IVF together with a partner.

Featuring experts from
Cornell, +8 more
Trans Feminine Fertility

Fertility guide for transfeminine people who were assigned male at birth. Covering how gender transition impacts fertility (including hormones like estrogen HRT & gender affirming surgery), fertility preservation strategies, and reproductive options for trans women. Resiliency & advocacy. Personal stories from trans women.

Featuring experts from
OHSU, +2 more
Trans Masculine Fertility

Guide to fertility for trans men covering fertility impact of hormonal transition with testosterone, fertility preservation steps to consider before transitioning, and reproductive options for trans men from de-transitioning and conceiving to IUI, IVF, or third-party reproduction like donor eggs or surrogacy.

Featuring experts from
OHSU, +3 more

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