Founder's Notes

Our Partnership With RESOLVE

Today RESOLVE is officially encouraging patients to review their fertility doctor as we announce a larger partnership together. This is uncharted territory and we're ecstatic for many reasons, but here's three big ones:

First, RESOLVE's support reflects the power our platform offers: unmatched perspective on fertility doctors, nurses, billing coordinators and clinics across the U.S. We entrust these medical professionals with our future happiness, and we cannot afford to make a poorly-informed choice.

Second, RESOLVE enriches the data and insight we provide to families. RESOLVE helps many of thousands of hopeful parents each year and when these patients assess their doctor and clinic on FertilityIQ, we can pass on evermore crucial information to those who need it, when they need it.

Together RESOLVE and FertilityIQ will study data from a broad spectrum of patients to better inform a growing national discussion about who is able to access the care necessary for Americans to build their family. The data will also be used to identify gaps in patient knowledge so that patient education can be targeted to meet the needs of people wishing to build their family.

Two years ago, we started FertilityIQ at our kitchen table and we’re thrilled to see our work, and yours, making its way to kitchen tables across the U.S. This is a big day for us, for you, and for everyone who contributes and benefits within our FertilityIQ community.

From our family to yours, thank you!

Deb and Jake

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