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Childless by Circumstance

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A Conversation with Jody Day

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A Conversation with Jody Day

In this video lesson, we hear from Jody Day, founder of Gateway Women, Global Advocacy & Support Network for individuals and couples facing unplanned childlessness.

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • The terminology and definitions around involuntary childlessness, what it means to be childless by circumstance, and the variety of situations that may lead to unplanned childlessness

  • The global prevalence of childlessness and how it has changed in recent years

  • Jody’s own story and journey of hoping to becoming a parent, her grieving process and ultimately remaining childless

  • Advice for those who are childless and are navigating social situations where the emphasis is on being a parent

You’ll hear more from Jody in the following lessons on cultural messages around childlessness, advice on the grieving process, and finding support in your own journey.