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Childless by Circumstance

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The Impact of Culture, Race, & Heritage

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The Impact of Culture, Race, & Heritage

For individuals who hoped to become parents, but now find themselves without children, it can be helpful to unpack some of the cultural messages we may have received about the value of parenthood, what it means to be or not to be a parent - and how those messages may have impacted us.

In this video lesson, Jody Day & Yvonne John each share about the effect social and cultural messages can have on a person's perception of themselves and their place in society.

In this lesson you'll learn about:

  • The ways parenthood is emphasized in society and the impact that can have on those who are not parents

  • How the experiences of non-parents may differ based on race & culture

  • Yvonne's own experience as a childless woman of color

  • The role of intersectionality, and how the experience can differ based on factors including: culture, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and relationship status