Breaking down all the data and information on what endometriosis is, how to best diagnose it, and what the best treatment is depending on who you are

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26k took this course
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What you'll learn

In this course we cover the controversial, but important, topics of diagnosing endometriosis -- the accuracy and risks of the various options, and which makes sense for whom. We take a deep look at which treatments are best for different types of women with the goals of either treating infertility or endometriosis-related symptoms.

Course Syllabus3 Lessons0h 56m

  1. Lesson 1 (11 min)
    What is Endometriosis?
  2. Lesson 2 (15 min)
    Diagnosing Endometriosis
  3. Lesson 3 (30 min)
    Treating Endometriosis