Fertility 101

You took sex ed, but now you need to understand fertility. Data to answer your questions about natural conception and diagnosing what might be wrong.

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Fertility 101
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What you'll learn

These lessons cover important topics for anyone whether you're thinking about having a family later on, if you're just starting to plan a pregnancy, or if you've been trying unsuccessfully to conceive, and you want to understand more. We cover important subjects like: How to get pregnant? What problems can make it hard to get pregnant? What are the chances of getting pregnant naturally each month, and how does that change for different age groups? How long should it take to get pregnant? How should you time intercourse for pregnancy? We explain diagnostic fertility tests—how they can find problems, and their strengths and weaknesses. And we walk through every major fertility treatment, and how each treatment can solve different problems you might encounter.

Course Syllabus5 Lessons1h 43m

  1. Lesson 3 (28 min)
    Getting Pregnant