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Introduction to Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients

First, we’d like to say how incredibly sorry we are that you, or a loved one, have received such incredibly difficult news. Naturally, you are probably feeling overwhelmed, and we’ll do our best to educate you as swiftly and as rigorously as we know how.

We’d like to underscore how critical it is for you to seek the advice of your doctors (be they oncologists, fertility doctors, urologists, therapists or others) because the nuances of your diagnosis, age, treatment path, family building goals, and financial resources are critical in guiding your decisions around fertility preservation.

The majority of this course will focus on the needs of people with ovaries, as the physical, financial and medical demands of retrieving eggs tend to be significantly greater than retrieving and preserving sperm.

Finally, we’ll review plenty of studies but they are often meant to highlight a concept (for example, how the risks of infertility after a cancer diagnosis vary by patient) and should not be viewed as a recommendation. As always, please consult with your doctors on your specific circumstances.