IUI or "Artificial Insemination"

Data on IUI success rates depending on who you are, what it costs, the risks, and how to decide between doing IUI and IVF.

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IUI or "Artificial Insemination"
531k took this course
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What you'll learn

Intrauterine insemination (or IUI) is a popular alternative to treatments like IVF. In this course, we'll cover how often IUI leads to a live birth, which patients specifically benefit, and what each patient type can tactically do to increase their chances of success while mitigating the risks for a multiple birth.

Course Syllabus7 Lessons1h 18m

  1. Lesson 1 (10 min)
    An Overview of IUI
  2. Lesson 3 (18 min)
    The Logistics of IUI
  3. Lesson 5 (5 min)
    The Cost Of IUI
  4. Lesson 6 (5 min)
    Risks of IUI