Lifestyle Choices, From Diet To Supplements

All the data on lifestyle choices and their impact on fertility, including decisions around diet, exercise, drinking alcohol, caffeine consumption, smoking, recreational drugs, and using supplements.

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Lifestyle Choices, From Diet To Supplements
86k took this course
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What you'll learn

The lifestyle choices you make while trying to conceive can change your odds of pregnancy and the well-being of your offspring. In this guide, we cover the effects of coffee and alcohol consumption, as well as the positives and negatives of exercise. We also delve into the impact of specific diets and the benefits and risks of consuming meat, seafood, dairy, carbohydrates, and more. Additionally, we dispel the myths around which vitamins and supplements work or can inhibit your ability to conceive.

Course Syllabus9 Lessons2h 25m

  1. Lesson 3 (20 min)
    Body Fat and Fertility
  2. Lesson 4 (15 min)
    Exercise and Fertility
  3. In this lesson we'll cover:
    1. Lifestyle & Sperm DNA Fragmentation