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Low Testosterone

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Low Testosterone

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Low Testosterone

Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, is vital for overall health. It influences a range of physical and psychological attributes including libido, muscle and bone health, metabolism, and more. Testosterone production declines with age, often leading to symptoms like fatigue and decreased libido. Low testosterone can result from obesity or medical conditions. Diagnosis involves blood tests, with levels below 300 ng/dL indicating deficiency. Medications and lifestyle changes aimed at weight loss can address low testosterone. Treatment options include testosterone replacement therapy, but fertility concerns require alternative approaches which are also discussed. Monitoring is crucial to ensure optimal results and address potential side effects.

Topics include:

  • What Is Testosterone & What Does It Do?
  • Causes of Testosterone Decline
  • Diagnosis
  • Impact on Fertility
  • Diet & Lifestyle Aimed at Weight Loss
  • Treatment & Expected Outcomes
  • Treatment Aimed at Maintaining Fertility