Trans Feminine Fertility

Fertility guide for transfeminine people who were assigned male at birth. Covering how gender transition impacts fertility (including hormones like estrogen HRT & gender affirming surgery), fertility preservation strategies, and reproductive options for trans women. Resiliency & advocacy. Personal stories from trans women.

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Trans Feminine Fertility
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Going into transition, or even after, fertility can seem like an afterthought. But the decisions made throughout transition can have lasting impacts on fertility. We break down the important decisions you'll need to make about fertility preservation and reproductive options, balancing that with the desire for various steps in gender affirming transitions. We also cover resiliency strategies with tactical steps you can take to advocate for yourself during the process.

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  1. Lesson 1 (5 min)
    Assigned Male At Birth
    In this lesson we'll cover:
    1. Guide to Transfeminine Fertility
  2. In this lesson we'll cover:
    1. Nora & Samantha