Major Decisions Such As Preferences and Siblings

Setting Preferences

A major decision for prospective foster parents is how to think through what type of child to take in. A common misperception is that children in the foster care system are all older or just one race or gender.

Ages of Foster Children

First, as you can see in the data below published by the US Department of Health and Human Services, there are nearly as many infants entering the foster care system as children ages 11–18.

Gender Mix of Foster Children

Next, Health and Human Services reports there are nearly an equal percentage of boys and girls, as you can see in the data below.

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Foster Care 101

In this course we'll cover the steps to starting the foster process, how to help children who've suffered emotional and physical trauma, how to navigate transracial challenges, what the process looks like for single and LGBTQ individuals, and the process of adopting through the foster care system.