Guidelines for Doctors and Clinics

At FertilityIQ by Inflection, we are dedicated to offering accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information to anyone seeking fertility care. To maintain the integrity and reliability of our reviews, we ask all healthcare providers to follow these ethical guidelines:

  1. Encourage all patients to provide reviews.

    We encourage doctors and clinics to invite all patients, not just those who are pregnant, to leave reviews. For example, you can place a sign in your waiting room or send periodic emails to your entire patient population, inviting them to share their feedback.

  2. Respect the privacy of the patient.

    Doctors and clinics should never contact a patient about their review. Once a review is posted, do not ask the patient to remove or change it. Bullying, intimidating, or threatening to withdraw treatment due to a patient's review is strictly prohibited.

  3. Do not provide incentives in exchange for reviews.

    Reviews written in exchange for financial compensation, gifts, entry into clinic-sponsored contests, or any other form of monetary value are not allowed.

  4. Only authentic reviews are allowed.

    We strictly prohibit fake reviews, whether positive or negative. Reviews must be written by patients who have received treatment at the clinic and must accurately reflect their genuine experiences.

We utilize a combination of automated systems and human oversight to detect and remove inauthentic reviews. It's important to remember that "astroturfing" — posing as a patient or using outside agencies to generate positive reviews — is against the law. Penalties from the Federal Trade Commission can reach up to $43,792 for each violation. We reserve the right to cooperate with all FTC inquiries of potentially fake or inauthentic reviews.*

Please note: Reviews that do not meet our guidelines may be removed or rejected without notice. For more details, please see our terms & conditions.

Red Flag:

Maintaining the highest ethical standards is crucial for the credibility of FertilityIQ by Inflection. If there is reason to believe that a doctor or clinic has violated these guidelines, their associated profiles may be marked with a red flag, indicating a violation of our standards. By adhering to these guidelines, you help build a trustworthy and invaluable resource for those seeking fertility care. Thank you for your commitment to ethical practices and for contributing to a community of honest and transparent healthcare information.