Used in 70% of cycles, but can be detrimental

For some it’s absolutely necessary but for others it doesn't improve outcomes and can even hurt your chances

We Cover every crucial issue on ICSI

Who should use or avoid ICSI, the risks it carries to outcomes and offspring, which clinics have shown competece, and more

Not every patient needs it, not every lab is good at it

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Learnings from over 44 top studies and insight from experts on fertility, reproductive urology, embryology and more

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Course Syllabus

We cover how male factor, non-male factor, poor responders, advanced maternal age, patients using PGS, and others respond to ICSI versus Conventional Insemination. We take a closer look at the specific metrics, like ICSI fertilization rate, needed to quantify a laboratory’s ability. We also delve into the data about how ICSI may increase the rate of birth defects and the urogenital impact to male offspring. We cite over 40 studies and use insights gleaned from interviews with embryologists, andrologists, reproductive urologists and reproductive endocrinologists.