IUI or "Artificial Insemination"

IUI is 5 - 40x cheaper than IVF

But many doctors debate whether its lower success rates and higher risk makes it good value

This Guide Covers All You Need To Know

How often it works, who benefits, the major risks, the true costs and how to decide between IUI and IVF

IUI or "Artificial Insemination"
How to maximize your chances with this lower cost option

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Analysis based on 30 of the best studies on IUI

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Concrete action plans and frameworks to plan every major decision along the way, training you to ask the right questions

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Course Syllabus

Intrauterine insemination (or IUI) is a popular alternative to treaments like IVF. In this course will cover how often IUI leads to a live birth, which patients specifically benefit and what each patient type can tactically do to increase their chances of success while mitigating the risks for a multiple birth.