Costs of IVF

Cost Components

On average, IVF costs well over $20,000 when one includes the cost of treatment and medication — as you can see in our research below, it can vary depending upon region and whether a patient opts for add-ons like ICSI or PGT-A / PGS (you can read about their medical necessity in earlier lessons).

Is IVF Good Value?

Compared with IUI or intrauterine insemination, IVF is significantly more effective (3 - 5 times higher rates of success) but also significantly more expensive (5 - 40 times more costly).

IUI vs IVF Value

However, after one or two IUI’s, the odds of success stop improving and thus the cost-per-baby begin to skyrocket, whereby IUI stops looking like particularly good value compared with IVF.

Value Per IUI

What Is The Total Cost of IVF

Despite IVF’s relative effectiveness, the average fertility patient undergoes over two cycles and so the cumulative IVF costs for most fertility patients reach into the $40,000 - $60,000 range. Below is our proprietary data from over 23,000 fertility patients.

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IVF - In Vitro Fertilization

IVF is complicated and, while we wish we could say that it's possible to absorb all the details during the 5 - 30 minute visits with your doctor, that's really not the case. This comprehensive guide to IVF boils down every major issue you'll encounter -- a high level overview of the IVF process, a deeper dive into the IVF process, IVF success rates and how they differ depending on diagnosis and age, the medication protocols that can be used during IVF, the choice of inseminating eggs either using ICSI fertilization or conventional insemination, the pros and cons of growing embryos to Day 3 cleavage stage or Day 5 blastocyst stage, the decisions around genetic screening of embryos, deciding which embryo to transfer, deciding how many embryos to transfer at once, the ways the IVF laboratory can impact your odds of success and the things you need to know up front to avoid going to the wrong lab for you, the risks of IVF, and the costs of IVF. We're always sure to provide details about how data might be different depending on different unique types of patients -- because in the world of fertility, it's really not one-size-fits-all. We truly believe this guide is the foundation every fertility patient should start with when they're navigating the world of treatments.

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