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Founder's Notes

FertilityIQ Smarter Together IVF Grant

This month we’re celebrating something we’d long hoped for but weren’t sure was possible: our baby’s first birthday. We don’t believe we’d be at this point without the help of this incredible community, and we want to say thank you. We’ve been reflecting on the past year, and realized that since last April, by coming together and sharing our personal experiences on FertilityIQ, we’ve collectively helped over 100,000 (!) patients find the right doctor for them. To say we’re proud and excited is a huge understatement.

We want to do something BIG to say thanks to you for making this happen, and this is where we landed: on April 28th, one member of our community will be granted a free cycle of IVF, up to $10,000. We hope this will bring you, or someone you care about, one step closer to having the family of your dreams.

Now, for some boring details. The grantee will be a patient who has contributed an assessment of their fertility doctor before the end of the day on April 27th. That person can choose to use the grant for themselves or gift it to someone they care about. We’ll select this person randomly, so there’s no need to submit any type of special application. We think of this as a grant, not a contest. There won’t be any judging or needless hoopla.

It’s definitely not too late to make yourself eligible -- every valid assessment of a fertility doctor received before the deadline counts. Just click here to start crafting an assessment (or hit any of the big, blue "Evaluate Your Doctor" buttons on the top-right of your screen). Your name is never shown on the review. And if you’ve already contributed a verified assessment, you’re automatically counted in (just make sure we’ve got your verification) – thank you for contributing!

And please, spread the word! If you tell a friend who ends up winning, you’ll be awarded $2,500. That money can go to treatment, a cause, baby gear or anything that matters to you.

We’re hoping this gift helps breath new life into the world and gets useful information to patients who need it. For more information, check out the (even more detailed) guidelines below, and for everything else, just get in touch!

We're excited and we hope you are too!

Deborah and Jake

Grant Details & Rules:

For the randomly selected winning assessment, we’ll fund:

  • A treatment cycle up to $10,000 for the author or anyone of their choosing. A check will be sent to their clinic of choice.
  • $2,500 to the person or group who referred that the author/grantee to write their assessment. The author needs to cite this person/group when prompted in the space provided in the assessment form.

Doctor evaluations will only be eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • The Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) being assessed practices in the U.S.
  • The RE must have been chiefly responsible for your care during that cycle. Assessments of RE’s who happened to perform services like monitoring will not be entered.
  • Assessment is accompanied with verification that proves you were treated at this clinic (e.g. an email from the clinic, image of a clinical bill)
  • The tone must be constructive, detailed, without profanity and publishable by our usual FIQ guidelines (click here to see our evaluation FAQs).
  • Patient underwent medical treatment with this doctor. This would include a cycle of clomid, IUI, IVF or surgery would count. A consultation does not count.
  • All assessments and verifications must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST April 27, 2017

A few other general notes:

  • Cycle must be used by before January, 2019
  • We will send $10,000 directly to your reproductive endocrinologist’s clinic as a contribution towards your current or next IVF treatment cycle

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If I’ve already submitted an assessment to FIQ that’s been published and verified, am I eligible to be included? Yes. You just need to double check that (1) your review is verified (if it’s already been published you’ll see a check mark next to it), and (2) that we haven’t asked you to provide more information to make your review publishable under our guidelines.

  • If I assessed two different doctors, does that enter my name twice?
    Yes. Each assessment that meets our criteria is independently eligible. As a reminder, only assessments of the doctor chiefly responsible for your cycle will be eligible.

  • If I’m awarded this grant, can I remain anonymous to the public?
    Yes. We will not release your identity unless you would like it to be publicly announced.

  • Are there restrictions on what type of patients can get a grant?
    No, this is inclusive to any type of fertility patient who provided us an assessment that meets our criteria.

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