Fertility For Lesbian Women Becoming Moms

Lots of options means lots of complexity

There are so many choices for building your family as a lesbian women, we'll help you pick what's right for you

In 5 lessons we cover every topic

From the pros and cons of different ways of choosing a sperm donor, to unexpected legal issues, to success rates of insemination, logistics of Reciprocal IVF and more

Fertility For Lesbian Women Becoming Moms
All the information you need to build your family

One Hub for Knowledge

Learnings from all the best studies specifically on lesbian fertility & treatments

All You Need to Plan

We break down every decision you'll need to make so that you can make the best choices for your family

Video Tutorials

Videos with experts explaining the important concepts and interviews of lesbian women sharing their stories

Course Syllabus

We cover every issue for lesbian women hoping to have children: from selecting a sperm donor (using a sperm bank or a known donor), doing an at-home insemination, or using a fertility doctor for IUI, IVF, or using reciprocal IVF together with a partner. We cover the success rates, costs, risks, and some important legal issues.