Time Commitments of Treatment

As fertility patients, many of us are surprised to learn how hard it is to balance the demands of treatment and work.

First, the sheer number of hours patients devote to treatment is substantial. Our survey data shows that patients lose 50+ hours in travel and treatment time alone. This happens during the workweek and makes it hard to get on calls, take meetings and do our best work in a team setting.

Emotional Burden of Treatment

Treatment not only impinges on our calendar, but also on our emotional wellbeing. Data from over 200 patients at the University of Pennsylvania reveal that 50% of women and 15% of men consider this period “the most upsetting of their lives.” Very few of us can deliver our best work against this backdrop.

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Managing Fertility Treatment & Work

If you're working and going through fertility treatments, you know how stressful that combination can be. We help walk you through the ways to manage the logistics of fertility treatment and busy work schedules.