Common Experiences: Anxiety, Loss, Grief, Holidays, & Self-Preservation

Common Experiences

Mental health & fertility experts Dr. Ali Domar & Beth Jaeger-Skigen, and several people who have experienced fertility challenges & treatments, walk us through common experiences like anxiety, grief, and loss. They describe helpful coping tools for each.

They discuss strategies for dealing with the holidays, and thinking through self-preservation in this difficult time.

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Mental Health & Fertility

In this video course, we'll help you understand every important topic relating to mental health & fertility. After taking this course, you will walk away with the strong sense that you are not alone. We cover data around anxiety, depression, and stress as they relate to fertility & fertility outcomes. We'll share studies of specific relaxation techniques & tools to cope with the distress of fertility challenges. Experts also cover studies on SSRI antidepressant medications and their safety and impacts on fertility outcomes.

We explain what happens in a therapy session, and then show you footage of what an actual couples therapy session looks like, so you can understand how therapy can help.

Fertility therapists walk you through common relationship dynamics, and tools for managing platonic relationships from family to co-workers and friends, as well as your relationship with your partner.

Finally, fertility therapists and people who have been through fertility challeges explore the common experiences of loss, grief, anxiety, navigating the holidays, and tools for self-preservation during all of these experiences.