When you need to make quick decisions in an emotional haze

Nobody wants to make these choices, especially under duress

We'll get you the info you need

So that even later, while a loss will still be painful, you won't regret how you navigated it

Learn From the Experts

You'll learn directly from Dr. Zev Williams -- a leading expert in the field of miscarriage & recurrent pregnancy loss -- as well as experts in mental health

Crucial Frameworks

We break down the pros and cons of each decision as you navigate miscarriage, sharing frameworks & data to help make decisions with confidence

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our expert insight is all captured in our videos -- so you can step away, or come back when it's best for you

Course Syllabus

Dr. Zev Williams, a leading expert in the field of pregnancy loss from Columbia University, walks us through all you need to know when you're navigating a miscarriage. There are several important decisions that must be made quickly in the fog of emotions, and Dr. Williams helps break down the data on each so that you can make the best decision from you -- including diagnosing a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, how to manage a miscarriage (naturally, medication, surgery), to genetic testing. We also devote a lesson to the emotional impacts of pregnancy loss.