Introduction to Genetic Screening & Course Plan

PGS Course Objectives

PGS is one of the most confusing topics today -- for doctors as well as patients! We’ll be diving deep into every facet of PGS, and by the end, we’re hoping you’ll at very least understand:

  • What PGS is trying to solve: the problem of abnormal embryos

  • How predictive are embryos labeled normal?

  • The process of PGS & how to make sure you’re at the right place

  • The alleged benefits of PGS: lower miscarriage, more singletons, better family planning

  • The criticisms of PGS: biopsy risk, accuracy of the test, older vs younger patients, faulty marketing

  • Mosaicism, why it matters and how to prioritize your embryos for transfer

  • Cost analysis by age and Return On Investment
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PGT (PGS) Genetic Screening

We cover the benefits of PGS, and their magnitude. We dissect the subject of mosaicism and how it helps to construct a hierarchy of which embryos to transfer. We train patients to ask the relevant questions of their clinic, clinic’s laboratory, and reference laboratory before signing on to do PGS. Finally, we address the risk around damage during biopsy, how often useful embryos are being discarded, and how the investment in PGS looks for women of different ages.