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PGT-A Genetic Screening

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Introduction to Genetic Screening & Course Plan

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PGT-A Course Objectives

PGT-A is one of the most confusing topics today—for doctors as well as patients! We’ll be diving deep into every facet of PGT-A, and by the end, we’re hoping you’ll at very least understand:

  • What PGT-A is trying to solve: the problem of abnormal embryos

  • How predictive are embryos labeled normal?

  • The process of PGT-A and how to make sure you’re at the right place

  • The alleged benefits of PGT-A: lower miscarriage, more singletons, better family planning

  • The criticisms of PGT-A: biopsy risk, accuracy of the test, older vs younger patients, faulty marketing

  • Mosaicism, why it matters and how to prioritize your embryos for transfer

  • Cost analysis by age and return on investment