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He [Dr. Peter Lu] was the first doctor to agree with me that something is very wrong just based on having tried for 4 years before going to him and my husband's varicocele having been corrected but still not conceiving. He validated my concerns and communicated with numbers, which is how I understand and process situations...Because Clomid thinned by lining worse than its usual level, and letrozole didn't give me much response, Dr Lu put me on injections. He decided I didn't need an IUI since our post coital tests kept coming back postitive. The injections were able to achieve desirable lining thickness and ample follicles. There was still only a 20% success rate for us at best and we did 2 rounds without a bfp. I am completely impressed by his protocol on our IVF. I was so scared as he lowered my meds doses so much but at the end, he manipulated everything PERFECTLY. I was risking and nearly OHSS and he gave me letrozole and cabergoline to prevent full ohss and so I know we maximized the potential for eggs retrieved while keeping me safe. He did an excellent job of changing my doses every day. Transfer was perfect as well.
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