Surrogacy For Gay Dads: An Introduction

An intimidating process with countless pitfalls

Coordination between the fertility clinic, getational carrier, egg donor, attorney, and more can be crucial and difficult

We introduce you to each step along the way

The parties that are necessary -- how to find them & how much they cost -- the importance of state law to determining fatherhood, and much more

Surrogacy For Gay Dads: An Introduction
Breaking down a complicated process

A Simple Primer

The process is intimidating, but this introductory guide is not. Get started confidently after understanding the basics.


In our quick videos you'll hear from doctors, lawyers, patients, and social workers

Data For More Informed Decisions

We share imoprtant data from top studies so that you can make the best decisions for your family.

Course Syllabus

Introducing the major decisions a gay couple or single man need to make to become fathers. We cover the costs of everyone involved (from egg donors, attorneys, gestational carriers, and more), an intro to finding an egg donor & surrogate or gestational carrier, how state laws differ for gay and single dads, pros and con of twins along with other specific medical decisions for gay and single fathers, and finding a clinic as a gay or single man.