Introduction to the IVF Laboratory & Course Plan

Course Objectives

Most experts will tell you that a high quality laboratory can double your chances of success to take home a baby. Laboratories vary dramatically in quality and you will need the tools to ensure you select a clinic whose laboratory gives you an excellent chance of success. In this course we’ll:

  • Address the role and function of the laboratory

  • Demonstrate how laboratory quality varies and impacts outcomes

  • Provide key performance indicators for you to measure your lab

  • Assess your laboratory’s personnel, schedule, and accreditation

  • The value of incubators

  • When your clinic outsources its laboratory

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The IVF Laboratory

Pulling back the curtain on how laboratories operate. Experts will tell you that laboratory quality varies dramatically and a superb laboratory can double your odds of success. In this course we’ll teach you about the role of the laboratory and why it’s so pivotal. In addition, we’ll provide you with the criteria and questions you should use to determine if you are at a world-class laboratory or merely a competent (or incompetent) laboratory. There may be no more important determinant of your clinic’s abilities than the skill of their embryologists and the quality of their laboratory.