Expert's Perspective

Fertility for Black Patients: Expert Interview

We were honored to interview Dr. McCarthy-Keith, Medical Director at Shady Grove Fertility Atlanta, on topics pertaining to Black families & fertility patients.

In addition to sharing valuable insights, Dr. McCarthy-Keith answered questions from members of the community. Importantly, she shares critical pieces of information that can help you be your most effective medical advocate.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • What a fertility work up looks like and when to get one
  • Causes of treatment delay for African American patients and how these affects outcomes
  • Common diagnoses for Black patients
  • Fibroids, and how they change Black fertility & strategy for treatments like egg freezing
  • What you can do to improve your chances of a positive outcome
  • Biases in fertility treatment and advice for providers

If you're looking for a deeper dive into each of these topics, we also recommend our full guide to African American fertility, available for free to the entire community.

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