FertilityIQ Data & Notes Overview

At FertilityIQ, we're at the center of a ton of information: data from patients and clinics, as well as insight and research from experts in the field. Our goal is to thoughtfully package it all and give you the context to make it useful.

We often stumble upon concepts that strike us as important, and misunderstood, and we wanted the forum to share them with you. What you find will always be data-driven, and extensively researched by the two of us. Not all of the conclusions will be popular, but we think they are rooted in evidence.

Recently we looked at the degree to which patients are getting their IVF treatment covered (link!). What we've learned is 80% of patients have either all-or-none coverage and a surprising group of companies offer the best packages: Bank of America, Spotify, Chanel, and Boston Consulting Group. Also, relative to their total compensation, Starbucks' package is fantastic.

We also took a closer look at how patients feel about the quality of information they receive in their treatment process. The reality is that nearly half of patients regard this as the most important moment in their lives, and yet 70%+ feel their information is incomplete, and half worry it is biased. Most think better information would have led to a better outcome or experience. It was much of this learning that prompted us to expand our site to include content.

You'll also see data we presented recently at ASRM, where we showcased how wealthier patients have higher rates of success (regardless of cycle volume) and success rates by occupation (teachers finished tops), educational level, geopgraphy and more.

If there are subjects you want us to begin research on, or there is a perspective we have not yet considered, do not be bashful in reaching out.

Likewise, we'll use this section to update you on changes afoot at FertilityIQ. That can include updates on the product broadly (our expansion into content), new features (filtering by "Patients Like Me") and other things coming down the pike.

All our best,
Deborah and Jake