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Couples Therapy: Home for the Holidays

This is a demonstration of a couples therapy session leading up to the holidays.

You'll see a therapist help to work through disagreements about going to see family and in-laws during the holidays, meeting a new niece, feeling stigmatized and excluded because of infertility, and getting important emotional support from a partner.

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How to Survive the Emotional Toll of Miscarriage

Pregnancy loss is one of the most painful byproducts of fertility challenges, and today there are few avenues for women and couples to get the medical and emotional guidance they need.

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Infertility and the Holidays: The Perfect Storm

The holidays represent an enormous emotional challenge for many women and couples struggling with infertility challenges. You can be in room full of loving friends and family, and yet still feel incredibly alone.

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Freezing Eggs or Embryos: A Therapist's Perspective

The decision of whether to freeze eggs or embryos can have profound near-term and long-term implications. Here is how one of the leading fertility therapists in the U.S. guides her patients to think through the quandry.

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Sex & Infertility: How to Reconnect Sexually During Infertility

If you're battling infertility and wondering what happened to your sex life, you're not alone. Here's some wisdom from a therapist on normal patterns, and things you can do to get your sex life back on the right track.

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Strategies For Getting Custody of Your Embryos

When couples split, it's common for husbands to deny their wives the ability to transfer any remaining frozen embryos. How do courts perceive the issue and what strategies and tactics can be deployed to arrive at a resolution?

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