Personal Stories: Nora & Samantha

Nora & Samantha

In this video, two stories personal stories will be shared by Nora and Samantha.

Nora Broker transitioned a few years ago, and went through a fertility preservation process before transition. She banked several sperm samples, but was alerted that the quality wasn’t what her doctor had hoped. After going through transition, she and her partner decided to try to have a baby through IVF. Nora discusses the emotional ups and downs of that process, including when it appeared her IVF cycle would fail because of a lack of sperm.

The happy news: Nora and her partner are expecting their first child any day now!

Samantha Jo-Dato transitioned in the late 90’s. She tells her story of recently de-transitioning for the purposes of banking frozen sperm — she is hoping to use that sperm to start her family in the future. She talks about what it was like to de-transition after such a long period of time, from the emotional and physical ups and downs, to the fight to get enough viable sperm.


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Trans Feminine Fertility

Going into transition, or even after, fertility can seem like an afterthought. But the decisions made throughout transition can have lasting impacts on fertility. We break down the important decisions you'll need to make about fertility preservation and reproductive options, balancing that with the desire for various steps in gender affirming transitions. We also cover resiliency strategies with tactical steps you can take to advocate for yourself during the process.