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What if you had a friend who had seen every fertility doctor?

About our patient evaluations

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Critical Insight

Thorough detail on doctors, nurses, clinics, and the treatment protocols they use

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Extensive Expertise

Carefully crafted assessments from a multitude of knowledgeable patients

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Practical Relevance

Data contextualized to your fertility history, background and budget

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Unshakeable Trust

We don’t allow clinics to advertise or influence content, and we work to verify the authenticity of each assessment

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About Evaluating Your Doctor

  • What We Ask

    Our questions cover who you are, from your background to your fertility history, and your experience and outcomes with doctors who have treated you. You can skip anything that you’d rather not answer or you’re not sure about.

  • What a Great Assessment Looks Like

    What is most helpful to new patients is understanding your experience in your own voice. Details and examples are much more helpful than generalities. For example, rather than saying a doctor is “dedicated” it’s more helpful to provide an example, like “Doctor Smith was very dedicated to my care. She would personally call me whenever I had concerns, and even came in after hours to do an ultrasound when I was nervous about cramps following my positive pregnancy test.”

  • Your Privacy

    We take your privacy seriously, as we know that you’re sharing a very personal experience. Your name, initials, and contact information will never be displayed, and your employer name will never be linked to your assessment, to keep your assessment anonymous to the public. Other more general information, such as age, occupation, and race will be displayed with your description of a given doctor. Some details you include may make it possible for your doctor to know your identity -- for example, if you’re describing a rare and specific error the doctor made, or if you mention that you had 10 rounds of IVF over two years at a small clinic.

  • Confirming Authenticity

    In an age of online trolling and cutthroat clinic marketing, we want patients to be able to trust the content provided by the FertilityIQ community. As such, we ask that after you complete an assessment, you email us something to show that you were a patient at the clinic you rated. We ask that the clinic name and your name be legible, and no sensitive information is required. This can be a forwarded e-mail message from someone at the clinic, a partial bill, a screenshot of a patient portal, or anything that shows you were a patient. Once we receive your document, your assessment will be marked as “verified” on FertilityIQ.

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About us

We’re Jake and Deborah, and four years ago we began looking for the best fertility doctor for us. We traveled to multiple clinics, in multiple states, and along the way learned a lot of hard lessons. We’ve realized that finding the right fertility doctor is an incredibly personal choice, and that the earlier you find the right doctor, the more bearable this whole process becomes.

For us, that was easier said than done. We found the resources and information about fertility doctors to be filled with hearsay, half-truths and marketing spin from the clinics. With our future riding on this decision, we started FertilityIQ, where the data compiled from a community of concerned patients helped us find our final doctor.

If you’re here looking for the best care for you, we hope you find the insight you deserve. If you’re here with wisdom that can help, we hope you’ll candidly evaluate your doctor. If you need us, you can always email us at founders@fertilityiq.com.

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Our Promise

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Patients are our only priority

We only make choices, and build products, with patients’ best interests at heart

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We protect the integrity of our content

We will never take marketing dollars from clinics and we will always work to ensure that each assessment is authentic

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We value your privacy

We will never reveal your name or contact information

About our product

  • Quick Overview
    Quick Overview

    Search by location or by a specific doctor or clinic name, and we’ll surface results with a high-level summary. You can toggle to see results by doctors or by clinics.

    The number in the orange circle represents how likely patients are, on a scale of 0 - 10, to recommend this doctor to a friend. We also show the percentage of patients who would strongly recommend this doctor, meaning they answered 9 or 10.

  • Each Doctor, In Depth
    Each Doctor, In Depth

    See detailed profiles of each doctor. Aggregated metrics include quality of communication, degree of individual attention, responsiveness, and overall recommendation score for the clinic. We also display the channels of communication that are available to you as a patient.

  • Crucial context
    Crucial context

    Patients’ experiences with, and perceptions of, a doctor will vary based on who those patients are as individuals -- their age, fertility history, how many doctors they’ve seen, and even their financial situation.

    We show incredible detail along with each assessment so that you know who is writing, and whether or not what they’re saying is relevant to you.

  • Thorough assessments
    Thorough assessments

    Learn about patients’ experiences with this doctor and clinic -- from the doctor’s approach to diagnosis and treatment protocols, to the nursing staff’s level of organization, to the competence of the clinic billing department.