Workplace Guide to Fertility: For Colleagues

Data shows stress levels on par with cancer treatments

Gain insight into what makes it so stressful to undergo fertility treatments

We efficiently tackle every issue

What do say & what to avoid saying, an overview of fertility treatments, how treatments can impact work schedules, and more

Workplace Guide to Fertility: For Colleagues
Understand how to support your co-workers during a stressful time

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We boil down all the information you'll need using the best data and studies

Simplifying Complex Topics

Breaking down the ways in which fertility treatments directly impact the work environment, and how you can make things go smoothly

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Hear directly from experts & people who have navigated balancing work with fertility treatments

Course Syllabus

Fertility treatments are incredibly stressful and, mixed with the stress of work, things can boil over. This is a guide for co-workers to understand what their colleagues are going through, so that they can help create a supportive workplace environment. We cover everything from the things you should say & the things you should avoid saying to your co-workers, to the ways that fertility treatments will concretely impact work schedules.